Saturday, November 2, 2013

My pavlova

Assalamualaikum makcik, kakak, adik, abang..ada ke 'abang' yang baca my blog yang selalu bersawang ni? Hehe

Yes i know im a super lazy, poor blogger..up untill now i still failed to update my blog frequently..hihi

But today i wanna  share with uolls bout my recent baking project..pavlova in cups.. (A kind of innovation in baking pavlova i guess) ;)

As a science teacher soon, (insyaAllah, ameen), i always find ways to make my life easier with my logical thinking that Allah gives me..Alhamdulillah.. Since i dont have any baking paper left, so i decided to use cupcakes cups (memang banyak bersepah at my kitchen).. I was thinking what is the problem using these cups since the function is still the wont let the batter or meringue stick at the cup and easy to remove right? As the meringue done, i use tablespoon and put them in the cups..and bake at 150 degree C for 70 mins..and the pavs was baked well..

How u put the meringue into the cups, so does they look when u take them out from the oven..

I found it was easier to eat the pav..since kurang comot..senang jugak nak cuci pinggan..
So makcik2 kakak2 also can try bake ur pavlova in cups.. Happy weekend guys!! 😘