Tuesday, January 5, 2016

#fatinazizwedding - MAKE UP and PHOTOGRAPHY

Assalamualaikum..Hello!! Welcome back!! hihihi

Ok, just a short post about my wedding make up and doorgift (because currently im busy with school stuff..sigh)


As my nikah kurung is simple exactly like what i love, my make up too..i want it to be simple and natural but must be naik seri as a bride la kan?

I really in love (until now) with kak Aimie Rifdi's(she's a blogger too) touch. Simple yet elegance, and syariah compliance too. No falsies, no trimming. Well, i dont think MUA nowadays do trimming since there's techniques to shape your brows neatly. Kak Aimie's hand is like magic. She's so expert in enhance your natural beauty, and make u look fresh and glowing and pretty and beautiful and feminine and......(u know like berair mata tengok..cantikkkk). Kalau tak percaya just pergi intai her instagram @_ewar (Elegance With Aimie Rifdie).

For bersanding, I want my dais vendor to do my make up. It's easy for me to deal since I know her personally. Her mother did my sister nikah makeup on 2007, while she (form4 or 5 i think on that time) did my sister bersanding make up. So, I really confident and comfort with her. Well, we have gila-gila akal..haha..Oh, her husband was my OP for my engagement, but on that time they're no married yet. If you stay in Kuala Langat or sekitar, boleh check Fb Anggun De Sari.

For bertandang, I dont want to story bout it. What can I say, my look on that day is not what I was expecting. Jauh menyimpang..My husband cakap butik dia lah yang paling famous kat Sungai Besar tu, so I agree je la. Tapi lebih baik I make up sendiri. hihi



Close my eyes..

Ni la dia Kak Aimie..

Cantikkan dia? 

After outdoor photoshoot

Make up sanding..


Kerja dengan saya memang simple. I just PM them (Ohsem Moments Photography) through facebook after I read their promo ad in group All About Perkahwinan (fb). After a short discussion online, we met Nahri at IOI mall putrajaya, to pay the deposit. Then, jumpa time wedding..hehe..We got their very best price and service for all the event (including groom's side). We are very satisfied with the hasil, pictures and albums and frames. Kalau nak tengok hasil dorang boleh #fatinazizwedding kat IG, check their fb Ohsem Moments Photography, or their IG @ohsemmomments_photography..recommended

Ni la dia Nahri..And Shu, yang assist NAhri masa nikah.

Sekian, post kali ini..hihi