Sunday, June 23, 2013

Need To Balance My Life

Assalamualaikum...hello everybody :)

finally after 5 years of struggling not to fail even a paper in exam, i am now a SUPER SENIOR students in IPG.. yes, i am now start to work hard, doing my best in this final semester..insyaAllah next year i'll be a TEACHER..i believe that Allah will give me rezeki for my effort.

i am not a brilliant student who scored high CGPA..but i am OK with my capability and my CGPA..for me it is not the pointer only for us to be a great teacher..we also need a great teaching skill, thinking skill, communicating skill, attitude, perception, motivation, goal, we have to balance those things and live like a normal person..STUDY SMART..

these days, so many things happened in my life..too many to list down i will try my best to share with u guys when i have the time, mood and idea to write the sentence by sentence..

but this one is something fresh i want to happened earlier today..i never watched any movie alone..but today since my mom asked me to send her to a meeting in Shah Alam, i gave myself a try to watch a movie ALONE! i dont want to just sit in car, during this current weather..haze makes the environment i drove to Aeon Bukit Raja, go to TGV counter and bought a ticket of World War Z..i never bought 1 ticket before and it made me feel weird..(ntah pape).. luckily, the women beside me in the hall is alone i pretend like she is my partner for today..haha

JADI, apakah yang peliknya?? PELIK becoz this was my first time watching movie with strangers..and i feel so RELAX!! i dont need to think about anybody..just lean my head at the seat and enjoy the movie..laugh when i want to laugh..luckily i laughed at the same thing "my partner" i act normal..

i feel so happy after the movie..i smiled at everyone who looked at me..and i feel happy when they smiled i realized that sometimes we need to do something new to make ourselves happy..and smile to anybody bcoz it also a therapy..dont let our works stress like a normal people..and the most important thing, try our best as Allah servants, perfom all the kewajipan..i am now try my best to be a better muslim..insyaAllah..

Asslamualaikum :D

Friday, June 7, 2013

Chocolate Brownies lah dia hasil brownies saya..

Dah habis dah pun..uolls sila buat..hehe

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dugaan orang berpuasa

Assalamualaikum wbt..
Aku ni tengah berpuasa ganti..biasalah orang perempuan..ada 3 hari lagi..maka banyaklah dugaan untuk tembolok seperti aku..scroll instagram semua gambar, meatballs, cake...makanya pikiran aku pn terbang ke IKEA..
Untuk mententeramkan jiwa, aku scroll la recipe dark chocolate almond cake..tapi semua recipe ada guna bahan yang takde kat dapur rumah aku..makanya aku tukar plan..nak wat brownies la recipe yang aku akan guna..

Aku cakap kt CT..jom wat kek..sangatlah excitednya anak buah aku sorang ni..maka aku bagi syarat suh dia mandi dulu..pantas ligat dia g mandi..ok la sayang2 sekalian..let me prepare the ingredients n bake the brownies..insyaAllah i'll update the hasil with uolls..till we meet again..XOXO