Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cooking Class in Science Class??

Assalamualaikum my dear readers, friends, teachers, students, parents, and whoever read my blog.. thank you for keep visiting my page even it has been a long time im away from blog. i just finish my practicum (in education field we call practical as practicum), so starting from this week, i have my student's life back. which means i will have time for blogging. weeeeeee :D

straight to what i want to share with all of u..i think this post will give all other science teachers an idea on how to turn their teaching become something meaningful. my lecturer always tell us to read "Apis Tak Kesah" (it's a blog) to check and learn how he done his teaching in school. but until now, i still didnt check his blog. but what i believe, he must did something really good until he can published a book and get a scholarship to do Master in UK.

being a practical teacher, we need to learn lot of things from other people especially those who have involved in this field for many years. when i went for my third practicum, i got a mentor which have been teaching science for 20 years. what i can learn from her is, we need to bring the students into the real world everytime we teach them a concept. by doing that, our students will easily adapt the new concept in their mind and memory.

for example, in the topic Microorganism, they learn about the characteristics of bacteria, fungi and virus. to make the concept become something concrete and meaningful, she plan to prepare doughnuts with the kids. that is what she always did in the past years. by time she told me the plan, i realized that it is not impossible to have a cooking class during science class. so with the help of "makcik" cleaner, we set up the gas stove and the things and ingredients need to make the doughnuts.

but u must remember, it's not just making doughnuts during that class. while they preparing the dough, we need to ask them some questions to recall their knowledge and concepts that they have learned in that topic. we want them to understand the process well, not just making the doughnuts and eat until full. we can ask them about the characteristics of yeast, the need of the yeast in making doughnuts, bread, or pizza, and make them observe the change of the dough, effect from the yeast breathing activity.

The ingredients : For the dough, flour, yeast (mauri-pan), butter or margarine, salt, sugar  

The lesson begin. Teacher ask the students to recall what they had learned about the microorganism (yeast)

Let the students make the doughnuts. (budak  paling nakal in my class). see how they can behave if they actively involve in their  learning.

Give 10 minutes for the doughnuts to rise. 

Nice right? make sure u are the one who fry the doughnuts. keep the students away from the stove and hot oil. 

Their happy face eating the doughnuts.


TQ :)