Thursday, January 26, 2012

babysitting adeeb n aina

second day of babysitting these two kids..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sayang's birthday at Fullhouse

yah! yesterday was my sayang's we ara in the same age..22..and yesterday also we have a great dinner together at Fullhouse Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, even though it ends with a big crazy fight..we always have 'bangang' fights lately..sigh.. :( ok, just forget some pictures i wanna share with u allz!!

birthday boy :)

heee :D

ingat mahal ke pose u tu?? buweekkk!!!

mine..i chose mix grilled taste yummy with tangerine sauce..

his..braised lamb shank for the birthday boy..

the tenderly texture of the lamb make it easy to be eat..i think my syg ske yg knyal2 cket..haha

surprise!!!! thanx God he went to the toilet after we ordered the i managed to ask for help from the waiter for this brownies with the wish..hehe :)

tadi tak nyala kn?? this birthday boy light his birthday cake candle by himself..haha

i bet he forgot to make a wish..but i already knew what is the wish..having better relationship with me..his azam for 2012..kan sayang? haha

his mom called..

blueberry favourite la..yummylicious..

jangan kacau!! i tengah layan my cheesecake ni..hish!

almost a year i didnt wear this heels..

mini orange juice!

acting je lebih..cannot be drink pon! haha

mirror mirror on the wall, who are the man that loves me the most?? tadaaaa!!!!!

hurry up sayang!! let's check out what they have upstairs!!

ade cermin lagi la!! haha

yang, harry potter pn dh pakai lens, no need la this boolat2 glasses..hehe

i nk tangga rumah kita camni k?!

expression yang tak kene with the wedding photo behind..hehe

Tony when he was 7 y.o..

make sure we hire a good photographer, so i dont have to sanding sorang2..ok sayang?

before we left fullhouse..

ok if u guys want to check out about their branches, menu or wateva la kan.. u allz can check it here..